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Japan beef bowl chain apologizes for female employee’s masturbation tweets

A recruitment ad for Sukiya
A recruitment advertisement for Sukiya
TOKYO (TR) – Restaurant chain Sukiya on Thursday issued an apology for obscene messages posted on Twitter by a part-time female employee, reports the Sankei Shimbun (May 8).

Between March and April, the part-time employee, who worked at a Sukiya outlet in the Kanto area, repeatedly posted photographs showing her exposed chest and genital area.

“We would like to offer our apologies to our customers for such unpleasant behavior,” said a representative of Zensho, the operator of the chain, which specializes in gyudon beef bowl dishes.

In spite of the employee’s Twitter account being set to where access was restricted, the images eventually spread across the Internet.

According to the article, the illicit images were not taken in areas accessible by customers.

News site J-Cast (May 8) viewed the tweets, which began with the employee, attired in her Sukiya uniform, showing her breasts, and then escalated to images of her masturbating. In accompanying the images — some of which are included on Breaking News Japan — the employee enticed readers with comments, including, “as your side dish.”

As to a motive, the Zensho representative was uncertain. But based on the content of the tweets the representative speculated that the employee was dissatisfied with her work or engaging in a hobby.

The company indicated that it had not contacted law enforcement. “We have dealt with the matter internally and based on our regulations,” the Zensho representative said.