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Fukui: Inspector trespassed into office to sniff female colleague’s shoes

Echizen Police Station
An assistant inspector at the Echizen Police Station has been accused of trespassing into the office of a female colleague to sniff her shoes (NHK)

FUKUI (TR) – Fukui Prefectural Police have sent an inspector in Echizen City to prosecutors for allegedly trespassing into an office in order to handle the footwear of a female colleague earlier this year, reports NHK (May 19).

According to police, the assistant inspector, assigned to the Echizen Police Station, allegedly used a master key to gain access to the office on a night in February. He then handled her shoes, which included sniffing them.

The matter emerged after an examination of footage taken with a security camera installed by another colleague. During voluntary questioning, the accused said that he was “reflecting” upon his deed.

In addition to being sent to prosecutors on suspicion of trespassing, the assistant inspector was handed a warning by his superior. However, the officer chose to resign from his post on May 18.

“The act of sniffing shoes is not illegal, but it is inappropriate for a police officer,” said an inspector from the headquarters of the Fukui Prefectural Police.