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Aichi: Lawyer inquiring about road expansion finds decayed corpse in residence

in Okazaki City
A lawyer visiting a residence in Okazaki City on Thursday to discuss a road-widening plan found a corpse inside

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police have launched an investigation after a lawyer’s visit to a residence in Okazaki City resulted in the discovery of a decayed corpse likely belonging to one of the residents, reports the Sankei Shimbun (May 10).

At around 10:30 a.m., the lawyer visited Shigenori Okada’s residence, located in the Ryusenjicho area, and discovered skeletal remains in the living room while speaking with his brother.

According to the Okazaki Police Station, the person is believed to have died several months before the discovery. With the whereabouts of Okada not known, police are now working to identify the body.

Okada’s brother also lives in the residence. The pair discussed a proposal to widen a road near the residence. The lawyer, who was present on behalf of the prefectural government, found the corpse after the discussion.

Police are now questioning Okada’s brother. The results of autopsy, which was to take place sometime on or after May 11, to determine the cause of death.