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Tokyo area massage parlors providing supplementary sexual services subject to shutdown

Shukan Jitsuwa Sep. 15
Shukan Jitsuwa Sep. 15
It would seem that the hammer has begun to fall upon fuzoku services that exist inside what is considered to be a legal grey zone. Take the arrests of August 22, suggests Shukan Jitsuwa (Sep. 15) — in which Kanagawa prefectural police took the managing directors of the Kawasaki Sweet and Kawasaki Emoda massage parlors into custody for violating the nationwide adult-entertainment law.

Each salon offers private rooms and a body-washing service, which has become common over the last two years, says a writer who covers the fuzoku, or commercial sex, trade.

“A girl in a swimsuit will wash each male customer’s body, but without rendering sexual services,” the source explains. “Since these shops can operate in areas that prohibit commercial sex operations, this business plan was quickly adopted nationwide.”

However, the girls at these parlors up the intimacy ante by pressing their breasts against the bodies of clients.

“In reality, the services offered at these shops are aggressive and overly done,” the previously quoted writer continues. “Intimate touching is considered a minimum. The girls will also grab a client’s private area while he is lying face-down.”

This crackdown by law enforcement, the hack says, is just the tip of the iceberg: “There are many shops that render even more extreme services.”

A female staff member, aged 24, from a parlor in Tokyo confesses that 90 percent of her clients blow their top. “Usually he’ll jerk himself off while I’m washing his body. I don’t know if this is considered illegal, but many guys do it as they cannot control themselves.”

Many of these shops do not have facial tissues, but that is not an issue as water can be used, the magazine assures.

Some girls take advantage of customers, waiting for them to become so wound up that they’ll offer cash for a helping hand, so to speak. The girl quoted earlier says, “I am sure many girls comply and simply request that management not be informed.”

That is not the only factor that is causing services to become more radical.

“There are many shops that employ Chinese girls even though they say they only hire Japanese girls,” the previously quoted fuzoku writer explains. “These girls are hard to beat because they’ll go all the way.” (A.T.)

Source: “Saabisu manen no mizugi sentai esute,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Sep. 15, pages 47 and 48)