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NPB players shunning high-end soaplands for extra-inning erotic endeavors

Shukan Taishu Venus August 23
Shukan Taishu Venus August 23
With the pennant races heating up, now is the time for NPB players to be at their best. Yet a feature in Shukan Taishu Venus (August 23) explains that the serious stick-playing begins after each game’s last out — albeit in a fashion that is more discreet than in days gone by.

In Tokyo, heavy hitters used to swing their bats in expensive soaplands in the Yoshiwara brothel district, and that is still true to some degree. “There’s a player with a bancho attitude that comes around,” says a beat writer with a sports paper. “He is a legend for using shops as his post-game shower room. He’ll play with three girls, no problem.”

However, a Yoshiwara street tout tells the tabloid, “We don’t see players come and play here as much as we used to.”

A fuzoku writer — that is, one who covers the sex trade — says that players are tending to use deri heru (delivery health) escort services as a means of discretion. “Since you can use your own hotel,” the source says, “there is no risk of fans or paparazzi finding out. SM clubs seem to be quite popular these days.”

A premier SM deri heru joint based in Akasaka is one example. “This is merely a rumor, but a former middle reliever from a Tokyo-based team, now pitching in the Pacific League, is a regular,” says the same fuzoku hack. “On nights when he gets rocked on the mound, he gets his rocks off with some beautiful honeys at the club, usually with some anal activities.”

These types of services are also popular among players who hang out in a group. “I knew it is someone famous when we got an order from four men staying at a hotel in Akasaka — in which we were instructed to keep it quiet regarding the front desk,” says a manager of a deri heru club in Ikebukuro.

The manager took four of his girls in his van and delivered them to four players from a very popular Central League club. Among them was a crafty infielder, who made things challenging for the girl who serviced him. “I was bit scared because even my soft touch on his shoulder made him upset. He start shouting, saying I missed a spot. He knew so much about massage.”

Then after he finished up, he suddenly asked the gal for her number. When she said that her company’s policy prohibits such an activity, he smiled as if he’d flubbed a grounder.

Nagoya’s Sakae entertainment district is frequented by many visiting teams. “One popular one is a mattress health club that features large-chested gals,” says a local beat writer. “One hour runs 20,000 yen. The place gets good reviews and the tits are really high end.”

A regular is the best closer in the Central League and was a member of the World Baseball Classic roster. “I guess closers endure tremendous pressure,” says the same writer. “This guy seems to get some relief by being covered in lotion.”

But that’s not all.

“He broke his leg few years ago,” the writer continues. “This caused his slider to lose some bite, and fans got nervous watching his games. But the story you hear is that he actually slipped during mattress play, and that’s how he got hurt.”

Sakae is famous for its clubs featuring hitozuma gals — or married women. “I was called to go to a premier hotel in Sakae,” says one escort. “I knew two teams from the Central League use the hotel, but I couldn’t believe I would ever be called for one of them.” The guy waiting for her is a leadoff batter for a Tokyo-based team. He is married to a real knockout, but he told the gal, “I like them a bit chubby and with a chest that’s a bit saggy.”

“That’s why he seems to like married women,” the call girl says. “He went licking all over my chest.”

Sapporo is home to the Nippon Ham Fighters, and visiting teams head to the Susukino entertainment area after games. “Most players call after 11:00 p.m.,” says the manager of a deri heru joint. “Perhaps that’s the time when they return to their hotel room after having dinner. This one pitcher was really fast. He called around 10:00 p.m.”

Shukan Taishu says that the kid turned pro a couple years ago. “While he made the roster this year, he seems to have an attitude problem and is not well perceived by his teammates,” says a sportswriter. “He eats alone after games.”

The manager concurs about his lack of maturity. “He had no class,” he says. “He changed girls twice. One of them said he was really rough and handled her head during a blow-job.”

The magazine even tracked down one call girl who is actually a Hanshin Tigers fan. She remembers a left-handed pitcher from a Tokyo team who was in town.

“It was tough to give him massage as he was all muscle around the shoulder,” she remembers. While he is known for his fastballs, it took him a long time to finish up. “So I let him lick my nipples even though that is not allowed to finally get him off,” she says. “Is he really known for his velocity? I can’t believe Hanshin can’t handle him.”

Source: “Yakyu senshu shinya no fuzoku gayoi,” Shukan Taishu Venus (August 23, pages 46-49)