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TV Tokyo talent dispensing deri heru services in Shibuya

Shukan Jitsuwa Apr. 22
Shukan Jitsuwa Apr. 22
The claims from a caller dialing Shukan Jitsuwa’s tip desk were most tempting: “Right now I am in a love hotel for a deri heru service with a girl who resembles an idol I’ve seen on television. I have to say that it really looks like her! I’d like for you to confirm whether I am correct or not! We are in Shibuya at…”

Being a magazine that frequently covers the activities of call girls, as a deri heru gal might be best described, such an offer for the tabloid proved too irresistible to ignore and for an article appearing in its Apr. 22 issue a reporter was dispatched to the scene within one hour.

Upon arrival the couple were in the midst of exiting the lobby — at least a male matching the description conveyed over the phone was accompanied by a shapely lass in stockings, high heels and a long winter coat (as she was seen to be wearing in a pair of grainy black and white photos supplied by the tabloid).

That gal, the reporter concluded, was talent Urara Hanazono. A writer specializing in the idol beat, who joined Shukan Jitsuwa’s main reporter at the scene, gave his stamp of approval on the identification.

Hanazono is presently appearing on an irregular basis on a TV Tokyo program that the article only reveals to be a four-character name starting with “A.” (A look at her Wikipedia entry, however, indicates that it is “Ariken.”) She previously appeared on “Koi no Karasawagi” (Much Ado About Love), the Nippon Television program hosted by Akashiya Sanma that features women discussing relationship problems.

The article says that at the time of Hanazono’s audition for the TV Tokyo show it became widely known that she considered her career to be “at the edge of a cliff,” meaning she had reached a point of inflection in which upcoming failures in show business would send her down a path towards more extreme activities, such as gravure idol pin-up work or adult video (AV) films.

Of course, Shukan Jitsuwa wished to speak with that woman in Shibuya personally, but the pair disappeared quickly into the night air.

Contact was later re-established with the male customer, who provided a photo of the menu of ladies available at the out-call service shop he had accessed. The writer noted an amazing resemblance in the lady’s facial and body features to that of Hanazono. (For reference purposes, an image of the cover of her 2008 variety DVD “Shiriaru,” for which Hanazono displays her back side while wearing white underwear, is provided next to the two aforementioned black and white shots.)

“She talks like she is from the countryside,” the customer said. “When she smiles she shows nice dimples. I know it’s the same girl as the one who appears on television.”

But obviously the million-yen question awaits: Can you describe the services rendered? “I was getting getting fellatio from an idol. So I finished really quickly,” he laughs.

For thoroughness sake, Shukan Jitsuwa sought official confirmation. But a phone call placed to Hanazono’s agency was met with resistance.

No longer at the cliff’s edge, she has fallen, concludes the weekly, which will most certainly be following her career developments closely, especially if that means a turn to AV-acting activities. (A.T.)

Source: “Ano ‘gakeppuchi aidoru’ ga tanizoko he massakasama! Yoru no Shibuya de deri heru kinmu no jittai!” Shukan Jitsuwa (Apr. 22)