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Yakuza nabbed for third time for using counterfeit currency

TOKYO (TR) – A member of a criminal syndicate in custody for allegedly passing a counterfeit bill has been accused in a third case, police revealed on Monday, reports Fuji News Network (June 13).

On August 20, Yusuke Yabuki, a 23-year-old member of the Sumiyoshi-kai, allegedly passed a counterfeit 10,000-yen note at a convenience store in Adachi Ward to purchase a drink. However, the clerk refused to accept the bill “because it is counterfeit.”

Police did not reveal whether Yabuki admits to the allegations.

Yusuke Yabuki of the Sumiyoshi-kai
Yusuke Yabuki of the Sumiyoshi-kai (Twitter)

Last September, police in Saitama Prefecture arrested Yabuki for passing counterfeit bills at two stores in Kawaguchi City. Police have also accused the suspect of passing a counterfeit note at another convenience store in Adachi last August.

Police suspect Yabuki is a member of a ring that was behind at least 50 other incidents that took place in the Tokyo metropolitan area last year.