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Tokyo: Married couple filed fake documents with immigration

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a married couple — a 51-year-old man and a female Chinese national — for allegedly filing fake documents for her visa, reports TBS News (May 28).

Last August, Takashi Noda, the manager of a bar in Ward, and the Chinese national, 23, presented documents to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau that are alleged to have falsely stated that they were living together.

The documents were an application requesting an extension for her visa, according to police.

Noda, who has been accused of violating the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, admits to the allegations. “I was introduced through an acquaintance, and I [agreed to] fake the documents,” the suspect said.

However, the Chinese national denies the charges. “At the time of the application, we were living together,” the suspect was quoted.

Takashi Noda
Takashi Noda (left) and the Chinese suspect (Twitter)

The matter emerged last December, when police received an anonymous tip indicating that the suspects were in fact not living together.

Police are now investigating whether the couple also engaged in marriage fraud.