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Tokyo: Host accused of threatening to sexually assault male customer to collect bill

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have accused a 40-year-old bar host at a club in Shinjuku Ward of threatening to sexually assault a male customer in collecting a bill, reports NHK (July 12).

In June, Kuninobu Take allegedly forced the customer, aged in his 20s, to the suspect’s residence. He then allegedly threatened to sexually assault the customer over an unpaid bill. He also was accused of stealing the victim’s driver’s license.

Take denies the allegations. “I did not threaten [the victim],” the suspect was quoted by police, “and I kept the driver’s license for collateral for the unpaid money.”

Kuninobu Take
Kuninobu Take (Twitter)

The victim reportedly owed the suspect 50,000 yen for a bill accrued at the club. “If you do not pay, I’ll get you into bed,” the suspect allegedly said.

After the incident, the victim fled the residence and reported the matter to police.