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Tokyo: 11 nabbed for abducting, robbing man

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested 11 persons over the alleged abduction and robbery of a man in Ota Ward earlier this year, reports TBS News (Nov. 19).

In July, Yuki Mizuno, 21, and Kento Okazaki, 20, and the other nine suspects worked together to lure the victim out to a park in the Denenchofu area.

The suspects then allegedly stole the man’s vehicle and 16,000 yen in cash. While confining him inside the vehicle for about 12 hours, they also repeatedly beat him over the length of his body.

Yuki Mizuno (Twitter)

Mizuno and two other suspects deny the allegations. Okazaki and three other suspects have declined to comment on the charges. The remaining suspects partially admit to the allegations, police said.

According to police, some of the suspects attended elementary school with the victim. Using a social-networking service, they claimed to the victim that a “job hauling luggage with a car” was available to bring him to the park.