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Suspected illicit photographer found with 2,700 pairs of women’s underwear

OKAYAMA (TR) – A 54-year-old man in custody for alleged illicit filming has been arrested again on suspicion of theft of a school girl’s uniform, police said on Tuesday, reports Kyodo News (June 2).

Between 11:00 p.m. on November 15 and 6:00 p.m. the next day, Kaoru Asatsu, of no known occupation, allegedly stole a skirt and sailor-styled top of a middle school girl, 14, that was hanging out to dry in the garden of her residence in Okayama City.

The items have a value of around 5,000 yen. The girl’s mother later reported the theft to police.

Police found 2,700 women’s undergarments in the residence of the suspect in May (Twitter)

Asatsu admits to the allegations, the Okayama-Chuo Police Station said.

Police first arrested Asatsu arrested over the alleged taking of tosatsu, or voyeur, footage last month.

During that investigation, police searched Asatsu’s residence in Naka Ward and found about 2,700 women’s undergarments.

Among those garments were the skirt and top of the girl. The suspect also admitted to having stolen the remainder of the garments over an approximately 10-year period, police said, according to the Sanyo Shimbun (June 2).