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Serial spitter caught on tape in Fukuoka

FUKUOKA (TR) – After his arrest, a 49-year-old man told police, “I know that I was arrested but there has been a misunderstanding.”

Security camera footage, however, says that was not the case.

According to police, the man, of no known occupation, repeatedly spit on the property of his neighbors in Fukuoka City over a three-day period starting on April 25.

In the footage, a person is shown going to the front of various residences and dipping his head as he lobs what appear to be loogies at the front gates.

After his arrest for harassment under a prefectural ordinance regarding the prevention of public nuisances, the suspect uttered his comment about the “misunderstanding.”

The arrest is not the first for the suspect. In 2016 and the following year, he was also accused of harassment.