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Osaka: Disabled man drugged nurses to molest them

OSAKA (TR) – It appeared to be a simple traffic accident involving a female nurse. However, the cause led police to a disabled man in Kaizuka City who is now suspected of drugging multiple nurses in order to molest them.

Dating back to last year, the man, 33, is believed by police to have laced the drinks of multiple nurses with sleeping powder, as reported in the Sankei Shimbun (Oct. 10).

“I forced them to consume drinks laced with sleeping powder,” the man told police. “I wanted to touch their bodies.”

The case surfaced on July 28. That day, a nurse, aged in her 20s and dispatched to care for the man by a health services company, crashed her vehicle into the outer wall of a house after leaving his residence.

The man is essentially paralyzed from the neck down. Just before the accident, which took place about 300 meters from his residence, he had another caregiver make a drink with the sleeping powder. The drink, marketed as being beneficial for weight loss, was then given to the nurse.

The nurse was hospitalized after the accident. An analysis of her urine gave a positive result for the sleeping powder, police said.

The nurse still experiences problems with her vision. Her father, who accompanied her to the to scene of the accident in order to make an apology, said, “This is not normal.”

A subsequent investigation revealed that several nurses dispatched to the man experienced incidents in which they were drugged beginning in October of last year.

As of this past October, police were planning to send the man to prosecutors on suspicion of quasi-indecent assault.