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Niigata police launch investigation after video shows group of students assaulting 2 classmates

NIIGATA (TR) – Niigata Prefectural Police have launched an investigation after the emergence of a video that shows a group of male students at a private high school in Niigata City repeatedly assaulting two classmates, reports TV Asahi (Feb. 20).

In the clip, which was shot after class on February 15 and posted on Instagram thereafter, the group of 9 boys repeatedly kick and punch the other two first-year students in the head, back and groin area at a seaside location off campus.

The school found out about the incident on Sunday via a graduate who saw the video. The school then confirmed the facts of the case with one of the victims.

One of the victims suffered injuries to his back and knee in the incident. On Tuesday, he lodged a complaint with police. Officers are now advancing an investigation into the matter.

On Wednesday, the school held an information session regarding the incident for guardians of students. During the session, the principal of the school gave a summary of events that had transpired to that point and outlined preventative measures that will be taken to prevent a recurrence.