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Niigata man, 36, accused of using health supplements to coax 17-year-old boy into sex

NIIGATA (TR) – Niigata Prefectural Police have arrested a 36-year-old man for allegedly contracting a high school boy to engage in sex, reports Television Niigata Network (June 15).

Last August, Yu Inuma, a company employee, allegedly gave health supplements to the boy, 17, in exchange for sex inside a hotel.

Police allege that the suspect knew the boy was under 18 years of age.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of violating the anti-child prostitution law, the suspect partially denied the allegations. “There is no question that I carried out the act, but I do not remember him being 17,” the suspect said.

According to police, Inuma, who lives in the town of Seiro, met the boy via social media.