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Kinshicho poker room suspected of funding yakuza

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted an illegal poker room in Sumida Ward that is believed to have funded organized crime, reports TV Asahi (April 26).

On Saturday, police raided the poker room, located in an apartment building not far from the North Exit of JR Kinshicho Station, and seized two tables, playing cards and chips.

Police also accused the manager, a 43-year-old male Korean national, of providing illegal gambling. He admitted to the allegations, police said.

Tokyo police seized playing cards and chips from inside a poker room on Saturday (Twitter)

According to police, the poker room used female dealers, aged 19 and 20. They were also arrested along with four male customers.

Police made the raid after receiving several anonymous tips.

Since last July, the operation is believed to have collected 12 million yen in revenue, a portion of which was funneled to a criminal syndicate.