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Kanji character ‘woman’ mysteriously scrawled around Sapporo

HOKKAIDO (TR) – To borrow a word from a male reporter for Nippon News Network: strange.

Since earlier this month, what appears to be the kanji character 女 (onna, or “woman”) has been found sprayed in brown paint across Sapporo City.

The three intersecting strokes that make up the character have been confirmed at 41 locations in more than one ward, including on vending machines and park toilets.

“I think it started about a week ago,” one resident tells the network. “Naturally, it is unpleasant.” Another resident said, “I didn’t notice it until I was told about it.”

The kanji character onna (“woman”) has appeared across Sapporo City since July 6 (Twitter)

Police were first tipped off about the graffiti at a park in Chuo Ward on July 6. The city later submitted a complaint claiming property damage with police.

“I want the graffiti to stop because it [is being done] on important public property for citizens,” an administrator for the city was quoted.

Since the same character was written each time, police believe one individual is behind all of the cases.