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JR employees accused of theft of ¥5 million from station office

ISHIKAWA (TR) – Ishikawa Prefectural Police have arrested two station attendants at West Japan Railway Co. over the theft of 5 million yen from an office in Kanazawa City earlier this year, reports TV Asahi (Dec. 7).

On a day in September, Yuzuru Kawabuchi, 35, and Shintaro Omote, 33, allegedly stole 5 million yen in cash from an office at JR Ishikawa Station.

Kawabuchi is believed to have carried out the theft while Omote assisted. Police did not reveal if the suspects admit to the allegations.

Kanazawa Station
JR West staff members have been accused of stealing 5 million yen in cash from an office at JR Kanazawa Station in September (Twitter)

At the time of the incident, the office was unoccupied and both suspects were on duty, police said.

The matter emerged after another employee noticed the money missing on the day of theft and tipped off police.

According to JR West, both suspects work at a ticket window and ticket gate.