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Illicit photography exposes men’s underwear thief

TOKYO (TR) – To be filed under “double dipping.”

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a male thief of men’s underwear, a crime that emerged when the suspect was found taking illicit photography, reports TV Asahi (July 12).

On July 5, Tomoya Ishii, 21, trespassed into residence in Katsushika Ward and allegedly swiped six pairs of men’s underwear from the male occupant while he was in the bath.

Tomoya Ishii
Tomoya Ishii (Twitter)

“When I saw him at the station, I thought he was handsome,” the suspect was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations. “I was overcome with desire and stole the underwear of a guy I liked.”

The matter emerged after the occupant exited the bath and found Ishii photographing in secret with his smartphone. The occupant then seized the suspect.