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Gunma: 2 children found dead in bath, mother collapsed in ditch

GUNMA (TR) – Two children were found dead and their mother collapsed in Annaka City on Monday, police have revealed, reports TV Asahi (Nov. 16).

At around 4:30 a.m., a 73-year-old woman alerted emergency services. “My grandchildren have collapsed,” she reportedly said.

Personnel arriving at the residence, located in the Matsuidamachi area, found a boy, 4, and his sister, 2, collapsed in the bathtub. They were later confirmed dead, police said.

Two children were found dead in their bathtub in Annaka City on Monday (Twitter)

The bodies of children, clothed in their pajamas, showed no signs of external wounds.

At around 7:15 a.m., a neighbor found the children’s mother, 32, collapsed in a drainage ditch near the residence. She was transported to a hospital in a state of cardiac arrest, police said.

Including the mother, her children and her parents, six people live in the residence. Police are planning to question the mother about the case upon her recovery.