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A salaryman cleans up at a Saitama love hotel

Spa! March 3
Spa! March 3

While the merits of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s deflation-busting initiatives — collectively referred to as “Abenomics” — are continually debated in the media, it would appear that some workers would prefer to not wait around for the dust to settle.

According to Spa! (March 3), some salarymen are taking up side work at odd hours of the day in a number of interesting fields to supplement their full-time wages.

A 34-year-old employed full-time at a manufacturer of telephones also works at the front desk of a love hotel in Saitama Prefecture from 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

“The main tasks are handling the reception desk, including the payment of room fees, and taking care of room service, as in the delivery of meals and adult toys,” says the man. “I also make the food but (the selection) is limited since we’ve only got a microwave.”

Other part-time work profiled in the feature story includes the escorting of female employees of a “delivery health” out-call sex service and the application of digital mosaic treatments to adult video productions.

For the love hotel employee, he earns between 900 and 1,000 yen per hour. If he were in Tokyo, that figure may be as much as 1,400 yen.

The employee implies that the work is not as dreary as it sounds.

“When delivering adult toys ordered by customers, a fully naked woman will often come to the door,” says the employee, who adds that he may be asked to watch a session or two.

Then there is the matter of tidying a room once a couple has departed. It usually goes well beyond the disposal of used condoms and tissues.

“Cleaning up what’s left after a scatology session in the bathroom is not unusual,” he says. “For the room, you’ve got to use detergent to get the walls clean. And then there are the syringes often left in the trash. Lately, though, packages for (so-called) ‘dangerous drugs‘ have been left behind in increasing numbers.”

Source: “Sarariiman no baitoha ‘rabuhoteru’ ga osusume,” Spa! (March 3, page 50)