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Roppongi on Halloween night

  • White shadow
    White shadow
  • Out on the street
    Out on the street
  • Kill me in Roppongi
    Kill me in Roppongi
  • Bad ass
    Bad ass
  • Taken into custody
    Taken into custody
  • Call the doctor
    Call the doctor
  • Night patrol
    Night patrol
  • To the maid cafe
    To the maid cafe
  • Monkey business
    Monkey business
  • One Piece
    One Piece
  • Operating at Don Quijote
    Operating at Don Quijote
  • Clowning
  • Corona
  • Yellow fever
    Yellow fever
  • Out of jail free
    Out of jail free
  • Break time
    Break time
  • Take out OK
    Take out OK
  • Pretty in pink
    Pretty in pink
  • Out on the town
    Out on the town
  • Mad dash at the crossing
    Mad dash at the crossing
  • At the crossing
    At the crossing
  • Hulking around
    Hulking around

(Photographs by The Tokyo Reporter, October 31, 2015)

TOKYO (TR) – When Japan embraces something, it often does so to extremes — and the stunning enthusiasm now bestowed on Halloween is one recent example.

An afterthought until recently, Halloween is now a top event for the year on the calendars (or smartphones) of many young people. In turn, department stores, small shops, bars and restaurants across the nation are adorned in orange and black throughout October.

Then, on the night of the 31st, celebrants dressed as everything from police officers to ghoulish creatures to video game characters clog the streets of major entertainment areas, especially in Tokyo, to drink and wander.

For this year, the Tokyo government handed out orange garbage bags in an attempt to make things slightly more orderly. Such preparation was warranted as the Shibuya and Roppongi areas were completely jammed from early evening onward.

For glimpse at the action in Roppongi, the photo gallery above offers a rundown.