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Kanagawa cops nab patrol officer for filming up girl’s skirt

Keikyu Kawasaki Station
Keikyu Kawasaki Station

KANAGAWA (TR) – Kanagawa Prefectural Police have arrested a patrol officer for the illicit filming of a school girl at a train station in Kawasaki City, reports Nippon News Network (June 24).

At 6:30 p.m. on June 23, Takeaki Masuda, a 28-year-old member of a riot squad for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, allegedly used a smartphone to film inside the skirt of the girl, a second-year high school student, at Keikyu Kawasaki Station.

Masuda, who has been charge with violating a public nuisance ordinance, admits to the allegations. “There is no doubt that I did tosatsu,” the suspect is quoted by police in using the term for voyeur photography.

In committing the crime, Masuda approached the girl from behind as she walked up a staircase. A male office worker, 31, apprehended Masuda after he saw the suspect targeting the girl with his phone.

“With the arrest of staff member being very regrettable, we will deal with this matter strictly following the results of the investigation,” a representative from the riot squad division is quoted.