Saitama cops: Fireman attached smartphone to shoe to film woman

A Tokyo fireman allegedly took illicit images inside the Arche shopping mall on Friday
A Tokyo fireman allegedly took illicit images inside the Arche shopping mall (

SAITAMA (TR) – Saitama Prefectural Police have arrested a fireman from a station in Tokyo for allegedly taking illicit photographs of a woman inside a shopping mall in Saitama City, reports Nippon News Network (Mar. 26).

At approximately 3:00 p.m. on Friday, 29-year-old Ryota Sasaki allegedly filmed up the mini-skirt of a woman, 21, with a smartphone attached to his left shoe inside the Arche shopping center near JR Omiya Station.

Sasaki, who has been accused of violating of public nuisance ordinance, admits to the charges. “I did it to taste the thrill,” the suspect is quoted by police.

At the time of the crime, a female shop clerk noticed the phone on the suspect’s shoe and alerted a colleague. The colleague then notified police, according to TV Asahi (Mar. 26).

Sasaki is an assistant sergeant at the Nishiarai Fire Station, located in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward.

“After the checking the facts (of the case) in detail, we will deal with the matter harshly,” a representative of the Tokyo Fire Department is quoted.

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  1. Ryota, did you think about the shame you would cause your parents when you were attaching that camera to your shoe? Please do the honourable thing now.

    With all the scandals involving firefighters, apparently some thought needs to be given to their working conditions and the negative effect of being in an all-male perpetual “locker room” environment. I cringe at the thought of all the disgusting jokes they tell and bragging about sexual conquests and the like. No doubt Ryota was sharing the videos with his cohorts.

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