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Hokkaido: 23 coronavirus infections found at Sapporo hostess club

HOKKAIDO (TR) – More than 20 persons connected to a hostess club in Sapporo City’s top red-light district have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the city has revealed, reports Fuji News Network (Oct. 5).

At a press conference on Monday, the city said that a “cluster” of infections has been found at the high-end Susukino club, which was not named.

A polymerase chain reaction test given to an employee on October 1 provided a positive result. Twenty-two of the club’s other 79 employees subsequently tested positive.

The city has contacted about 200 customers who were on the premises between September 23 and October 1. It is still seeking to locate an additional 100 persons.

The city also announced on Monday a total of 35 new infections citywide (17 of which came from the unnamed club). The total is the most for a single day since the start of the pandemic.

Twenty-three persons at a hostess club in Susukino have tested positive for the novel coronavirus

Preventative measures

In August, government officials visited various businesses in Susukino to encourage the undertaking of preventative measures, such as the use of masks, provision of sufficient ventilation and frequent hand washing.

The unnamed club was reportedly undertaking such activities. It closed
on October 2.

Two other of the positive results for the day were from at least one other location in Susukino. Thus far, 164 persons connected to 57 businesses in the district have tested positive, the city said.

“Your actions will help to protect your family and loved ones,” a representative of the city said. “I would like to ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of infections.”