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Cops bust casino backed by Yamaguchi-gumi in Roppongi

Tokyo police seized two baccarat tables from the casino in July (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted an illegal casino in the Roppongi entertainment district that is believed to have funded a criminal syndicate, reports Kyodo News (Sept. 28).

Chizuka Yamamoto, a 70-year-old upper-level member of the Yamaguchi-gumi, and two other persons allegedly worked with accomplices to provide baccarat wagering in the casino, located inside a multi-tenant building.

“I didn’t do it,” Yamamoto was quoted by police in denying the allegations.

The casino, which maintained a members-only policy, operated during the state of emergency that was in effect due to the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year.

Chizuka Yamamoto (Twitter)

Revenue funneled to the Yamaguchi-gumi

Between January of last year and last July, the operation is believed to have collected 480 million yen in revenue, police said.

In July, police raided the premises, seized two baccarat tables and arrested nine other persons. During the investigation, the involvement of the three other suspects surfaced.

Police are now investigating whether a portion of the casino’s revenue was funneled to the Yamaguchi-gumi.