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Younger set discover the forbidden delights of virtual enjo kosai via cybersex

Shukan Asahi May 25
Shukan Asahi May 25
Ameba Pigg is a popular social networking site featuring cute little avatars. Among its online users, some 1.4 million are estimated to be under age 15.

Shukan Asahi (May 25) reveals that some kids enjoy getting naughty, by stripping down the avatars to their undergarments and then engaging in chats that include such raunchy exchanges as Peropero (lickey-lick) and Kimochi ii (Ohhh that feels good).

Last March the operator announced it was placing controls on users under age 15. But will these measures enough to prevent the precocious kiddies from taking their first awkward steps at virtual sex?

The magazine’s reporter, a fellow named Takeuchi, went in undercover to see if he could shed light on what was going on. Following the advice of an insider familiar with the game industry, he went trolling for companionship by clicking on buttons for chat rooms marked “Shibuya,” “Roppongi,” and “Ginza.”

Upon entering the Shibuya portal, he could see about 20 female avatars, with fashionably dyed chapatsu hairstyles and high-class dresses, conversing about shopping and related topics.

Takeuchi’s avatar entered the Shibuya room clad in basic jeans and a T-shirt. After being advised by another male avatar that he could shop for free utilizing the five vouchers issued upon initial registration, he spent three of these on a suit, eyeglasses and shoes, and the remaining two on a haircut and fancier clothes, and proceeded to hunt for a sex partner.

His patient efforts led him to a sub-room in which three beds had been set up, and where the avatars were engaged in shimoneta hanashi (dirty talk). The female avatar’s profile indicated she was “2nd year of middle school” and “age 13.”

After half an hour without any action, Takeuchi was summoned by a female avatar to a private chat.

Ameba Pigg
Screen shot from Ameba Pigg
“Ne, give me a present,” she cajoled.

Her profile contained no data about age.

“How old are you?” the reporter asked.

“I’m in primary school. One more year to go,” came the reply.

“Why aren’t you in school now?” he asked.

“I’m playing hooky today, hehe,” she replies.

“Have you done piggu etchi in here before?”

“Yeah, I have.”

“Do you do it often?”

“I don’t like it much. But I’ll do it with you, so buy me some clothes, LOL.”

“Who do you do it with?”

“I don’t know who they are. Probably grownups.”


“Ne, let’s do it.”

“No, I want to chat with you a bit first.”

“No, we’ve talked enough.” And without further ado she departed, and failed to return in the room afterwards.

“Cybersex via Pigg sometimes leads to direct personal contacts, like live video chats on Skype, which can get pretty raunchy,” the game industry source tells Shukan Asahi. “This sort of thing might very well develop into a serious social problem.”

On May 9 six major game sites and social networks such as Gree and DeNA have announced they plan to phase out their online konpugacha gaming operations (a word coined from “complete” and “capsule toy”) due to complaints by concerned adults. (K.S.)

Source: “Oya wa shiranai soosharu shakai no gyoten etchi-do,” Shukan Asahi (May 25, page 113)