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To nuzzle Nippon’s biggest busts, go to Gifu and Kyoto

Weekly Playboy May 14
Weekly Playboy May 14

Confucius say: “Man not mind bust in mouth, if provided by beautiful lady.”

And Weekly Playboy (May 14) is a magazine that certainly knows how to delight its male readers. This time it has tracked down some serious statistical number-crunching to determine which of Japan’s 47 prefectures can boast the mademoiselles with the most magnificent mammaries.

A nationwide survey conducted in 1992 by the government determined that average bust size among 17-year-old girls was 82.3 centimeters, although women in northeast Japan averaged over 83.

Tied for 1st place, with an average of 83.9 centimeters, were Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures. Tied for 3rd place, with 83.6 centimeters, were Iwate and Akita prefectures. These were followed by Niigata (83.4); Fukuoka (83.3); Hokkaido (83.2), Aomori and Tochigi (83.1); and Gunma (82.9).

Nevertheless East Japan overall averaged slightly smaller than ladies in the nation’s western parts.

“Cold weather promotes the forming of subcutaneous fat, which contributes to breast size,” says a spokesperson for Tokyo-based LClove cosmetic, a marketer of sex aids sold via mail-order.

Surveying the bust sizes of 50 women in each prefecture, LClove cosmetic found two prefectures (Gifu and Kyoto) averaged an E-cup; nine averaged D; 17 averaged C; and 18 averaged B. One must pity the poor gals of Saitama, whose average A-cup ranked them the flattest in the land.

“According to the newest data, the gals on the sea of Japan are giving the ones in Hokkaido and Tohoku a run for their money,” drools Tetsuya Mori, a self-described expert on big boobs, who adds, “it’s fascinating.”

Readers should note that with the exception of 6th place Fukuoka, all the rest of the “Big Ten” boasting big twos hailed from areas in the nation’s northeast. At least as far as Japan is concerned, frigid winters have a direct correlation with breast size.

Some famous examples of this phenomenon would be former NHK TV announcer Eri Furuse, nicknamed “suikappu” for her watermelon-sized breasts; volleyball star Miyuki Takahashi; and 96 centimeter-endowed Rin Aoki, who has modeled in Weekly Playboy, all of who hail from Yamagata Prefecture. Like Kumagaya in Saitama and Tajimi in Gifu, Yamagata has many areas in valleys that are subject to temperature extremes from summer to winter.

“There may be two reasons why Kyoto women have big breasts,” Mori theorizes. “One is that they eat a lot of yuba and tofu dishes. Soybeans are rich in isoflavones, which promote development of the breasts, as the chemical structures bear similarities to female hormones.

“Another reason is that Kyoto is the headquarters of Wacoal, Japan’s largest maker of women’s undergarments. As Wacoal products regularly go on sale there, women are able to purchase them more inexpensively, which suggests they can devote more effort to obtaining undergarments that can provide suitable support.”

On the other hand, the rather paltry performance of those A-cup Saitama gals should by no means exclude them from, uh, further study. (K.S.)

Source: “Honto ni kyonyu ga ooi todofuken wa dokoda!?” Weekly Playboy (May 14, page 58)