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Downfall of a prolific Tokyo train pervert

Tetsuya Fukuda
Tetsuya Fukuda

Tokyo Metropolitan Police last week arrested Tetsuya Fukuda, 40, for causing damage to a girl’s skirt with “bodily fluids” — which is law enforcement code for semen — inside a crowded train last December.

This was not an isolated case.

During questioning, Fukuda, a contract employee, subsequently admitted to participating in more than 100 similar incidents over the past three years.

Intrigued, evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (April 11) delves into the protocol of the suspect to understand how he was able to pull off (ahem) such crimes.

“Fukuda cut out the bottom of a jacket pocket so that he was able to reach down to his genital area,” an investigator tells the paper. “In this way, he was able to lower his zipper and ejaculate directly onto the woman.”

On December 11 at 9:30 a.m., Fukuda dropped his pants and shot his wad onto his victim, an 18-year-old high school girl, while inside a crowded JR Sobu Line car traveling between Kinshicho and Akihabara stations.

Upon exiting the train at Akihabara, the girl noticed the substance on her clothing and alerted police.

A DNA analysis proved to be Fukuda’s downfall.

“Six years ago, Tokyo police arrested him for fondling the rear end of a woman on a train,” the aforementioned investigator says. “The DNA from material taken in that crime matched with that found in the semen in this (December) case.”

Fukuda, who lives in a modest apartment in Katsushika Ward’s Shin Koiwa area, works as a cleaner and delivery person in the afternoons and evenings, which leaves his mornings open.

“With him of course being a bachelor, this may have been his only enjoyment,” says the investigator.

Source: “Joshi kosei ni seieki kake taiho…keiyaku shain ga hodokoshita barenai zaiku,” Nikkan Gendai (April 11, page 5)