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Tenga survey data sheds new light on how Japanese males measure up

Shukan Post Apr. 27
Shukan Post Apr. 27
At last, reports Shukan Post (Apr. 27), data is now available to answer the eternal question men face regarding the size of their penis. Let’s take a surreptitious look (using one’s peripheral vision, naturally) at the figures for some 500,000 males, compiled from a user data survey conducted by Tenga, the up-and-coming (sorry, couldn’t resist that) maker of meticulously manufactured male-oriented masturbation merchandise.

According to Tenga, which is a sponsor of The Tokyo Reporter this month, the average length of a Japanese male’s erection is 13.56 centimeters, with a diameter of 3.53cm at the head and 3.19cm at the shaft.

Since Tenga launched its first models in Japan on July 7, 2005, its products have gone on sale in over 40 nations, with more than 20 million units shipped. A variety of reputable gentlemen, such as film director “Beat” Takeshi Kitano, have become passionate patrons of Tenga products and praised them in public.

“At our company Web site, in December 2010, we set up a section called “Tenga Fitting,” a spokesperson for Tenga is quoted as saying. “We wanted to be able to offer products that were ideally matched to the size of our customers’ penises. By February of this year we had obtained data on over 500,000 individuals, which made it possible to calculate average penis size.”

“Tenga’s survey of 500,000 was conducted on the largest scale to date,” says Dr. Yoshitomo Kobori at the Koshitani Hospital attached to Dokkyo University. “The figures form a normal distribution curve and while they may require some adjustments since they’re based on self-measurement, I believe the figures are reliable.”

Tenga’s findings closely approximate those of Andro Medical of Madrid, Spain, a producer of various patented devices for penis enlargement. According to the company, the 13cm penis length ranks Japanese males 10th worldwide, putting Japan behind France, Australia and Italy, but, rather amazingly, ahead of the United States, in 11th place with an average of 12.9cm.

While Thailand was rated tops in Asia with an average length of 13.5cm, no doubt Shukan Post’s readers enjoyed a smirk at the expense of South Koreans, whose average of 9.6cm made them the shortest among males in 17 Asian countries.

Admittedly Tenga’s data excluded nations in Africa and Latin America, which, according to the Web site “Penis Size World Wide,” can boast some real whoppers. Republic of the Congo, for instance, claimed an average length of 17.93cm, followed by Ecuador with 17.77cm and Columbia/Venezuela, with 17.03cm. In this site, Japanese only averaged 10.92cm. Since national honor is at stake here, Shukan Post advises PSWW to refer to Tenga’s data and consider UP-dating their data.

Physician Keiko Matsumura at the Seijo Matsumura Clinic tells the magazine, “Considering that the depth of the vaginal wall is between 7 to 8 centimeters, an average-sized Japanese male ought to be big enough to satisfy a woman.

“Since women’s most sensitive spot is at the vaginal entrance, more than length, thickness and hardness ought to be regarded as more important,” she says, adding, “Women do not place a great deal of importance on penis size. If a large penis penetrates to the deepest part of the vagina, it can cause pain in some cases. So for Japanese females, I suppose the ideal length would be around 15 centimeters at the most.”

A female “romance writer” who goes by the byline “Pinku Sensei” (Professor Pink) tells Shukan Post she herself doesn’t place much importance on penis size, and notes that a lot of women are actually quite terrified of the notion they might have to take in some guy’s whopper.

“Women who talk raunchy in front of men and who come on to men as if they were men themselves are the type who go for big ones,” she says. “These days more single women around age 40 who are ‘carnivorous’ (i.e., who aggressively pursue the opposite sex) have started to appear. They’re referred to as ‘cougars,’ and they are unrestrained in their pursuit of big d*cks.”

Source: “Tenga ni yoru ‘gojuuman-nin chosa’ de aratamete hanmei ‘Nihonjin no heikin saizu wa Kankokujin yori 4 senchi ooki’ to iu odoroku deeta,” Shukan Post (April 27, page 155)