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New Yoshiwara soapland targets lusty middles

Shukan Taishu Aug. 18
Shukan Taishu Aug. 18
As the average Tokyo salaryman’s kozukai (pocket money) continues to shrink, businesses must constantly come up with creative new promotional ideas to entice him to spend.

Considering the post-World War II demographic bulge, this would almost certainly mean more businesses springing up which appeal to men in their 50s and over. (Who have their own bulges with which to contend, both above and below the belt.)

Sure enough, Shukan Taishu (Aug. 18) reports, a soapland in Tokyo’s Yoshiwara red-light district recently opened to cater specifically to the postwar baby-boom generation.

As the shop name suggests, the customers at Club 50s have passed the half century mark. So as not be accused of going overboard on its age restrictions, however, the club also accepts up-and-coming “junior associate” customers in their 40s. But it resolutely draws the line at that point.

The standard rate for a two-hour session with a masseuse in her 20s costs 25,000 yen — quite reasonable by Yoshiwara standards. The specific details of the 120-minute course provided by masseuses were not given in the article, but presumably include a sudsy full-nude washdown on an air mattress and the usual foreplay, play and postcoital fondling.

“But aren’t old guys like me a turnoff?” Shukan Taishu’s satiated reporter asks his companion, after regaining his breath.

“Oh no,” insists companion Aoi-chan, the shop’s youngest employee, who is described as having a willowy waist and E-cup hooters. “Older men are gentle and I really like them. The younger customers seem fidgety, and are no good at making conversation…”

According to its Web site, Club 50s operates from 11 a.m. to midnight. For customers who have reserved in advance, it provides free pick-up service from Nippori, Ueno, Minami Senju, Iriya and Minowa stations. A map of its location and the shop’s lineup of masseuses, most shown with faces semi-obscured, can also be viewed on their Web site.

For those content to merely window shop online, the remarkably buxom Maria (age 21, 170cm tall, 95-60-95) boasts impressive credentials.

The Web site also notes that Club 50s’ slightly more upscale affiliate, Eikokuya, imposes no age restrictions but offers 5,000 yen discounts for customers age 60 and above, provided they verify their age with ID.

Hollywood’s Coen brothers really ought to consider using Yoshiwara as a shooting locale for their next blockbuster. They could even name it, “A Country for Old Men.” (K.S.)