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Japan’s ‘sensuality queen’ Mitsu Dan admits to lesbian leanings

Shukan Post Feb. 1
Shukan Post Feb. 1

Japan’s hottest gravure idol, Mitsu Dan, chats with with a female physician inside the pages of Shukan Post (Feb. 1) about some of her initial sexual experiences with men (and women).

“I was 18 years old,” Dan says of her first encounter.

“That’s about average,” says doctor Song Mihyon, who is the author of “Sex That Feels Really Good,” which is a series of self-help comic books. “But given your image, I thought it would have been earlier than that.”

Dan’s rise to super stardom began last November with the release of her film debut. The SM flick “Be My Slave” finds her starring as a seemingly straight-laced office lady at a publishing company who befriends a new male employee in many more ways than one.

The actress confesses to the doctor that previous to her first sexual encounter with a man she did have affections for one other person…”of the same sex.”

“What, you are bisexual? So did you have a sexual experience with a woman?”

“I can’t say,” Dan giggles. “But we did enjoy a kiss together in a bath.”

“Was the feeling of attraction mutual?”

“The relationship was great,” says the pin-up star. “When we were together it was enjoyable. But after going on to university she told me that she wanted to associate with men. I also started to have a desire to have a boyfriend.”

Dan’s first major appearance in the gravure biz came inside the pages of weekly tabloid Spa! in March of 2010. Her earlier work was not nearly as erotic. After being trained as an English teacher, she earned a qualification in cooking. She also studied to be an undertaker.

Nymphomania 3
“Nymphomania 3”
Described by Shukan Post as the “sensuality queen,” Dan was suggested by Shukan Jitsuwa (Nov. 8) as being the second coming of Aya Sugimoto, the veteran erotic star who has a role in “Be My Slave.”

Last year, she released two DVDs titled “Game of Lust” and a third installation in her “Nymphomania” series. A photo collection titled “Be My Slave” by Kadokawa Publishing hit store shelves in October.

Since then, she has dazzled press corps members at numerous promotional events, with Nikkan Gendai (Jan. 23) referring to her as Japan’s busiest 32-year-old.

On January 23, the idol attended an event for the launch of Sega’s “Demon Tribe” in Tokyo’s Akasaka area with the title of the game written between her breasts and on the side of her thigh in red. At an event in December in Roppongi, she stuffed the DVD box for the Denzel Washington-starring film “Safe House” (or “Dangerous Run” in Japan) inside the front of her underwear bottoms.

Doctor Song wonders whether Dan and her female high school sweetheart were both bisexual.

“For me, yes,” says Dan. “For her, she went to a girl’s high school, whose environment allows for that. Even now, I suffer a bit of mental anguish in understanding whether relationships with men or women are better. Right now, I don’t have a partner, male or female, since I am so busy. But I get a bit curious when I see an adorable female staff member.”

The doctor admits to never having had a lesbian experience before but believes that since a woman understands her pleasure points she can utilize that knowledge to satisfy an opposite partner repeatedly — and over a very long period of time, unlike if she were with a man.

“Certainly, when with a woman, there is the question, ‘At what point can you call it quits?'” giggles Dan. “Ejaculation actually occurs, but since sex is something that a woman feels inside her, I guess it is best after the second or third ‘battle.'”

Source: “Dan Mitsu no seiseikatsu wo karisuma bijoi Song Mihyon ga nehorihahori,” Shukan Post (Feb. 1, pages 154-157)