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Mitsu Dan goes ‘mobile’ to get guys off

Shukan Post Jan. 1
Shukan Post Jan. 1
“I wanted to become a fantasy object for masturbation so I entered this world.”

That’s Japan’s hottest gravure idol, Mitsu Dan, speaking to Shukan Post (Jan. 1-11) about her motivations for becoming a pin-up model.

To further her above-mentioned mandate, she is pushing the industry into the digital era with the release of a smartphone application that brings her images to life — the latest venture in the celebrity’s quick rise to fame.

Shukan Post describes the endeavor as a first in publishing. Purchasers of the current double issue can download an app named Sumado to their smartphone and then point the handset at a designated target on some of the seven pages featuring Dan, who appears in a cleavage shot, a pose in her underwear beneath a dripping shower, and various poses atop a bed.

A movie then loads onto the phone. In the same scenes as featured in the stills, mobile Mitsu can be seen reaching inside her underwear, removing her stockings, unbuttoning her shirt, and licking a doorknob to keyboard and drum accompaniment.

Dan’s earlier work was not nearly as erotic. After being trained as an English teacher, she earned a qualification in cooking. She also studied to be an undertaker.

The 32-year-old’s rise to stardom began in November with the release of her film debut. The SM flick “Be My Slave” finds Dan starring as a seemingly straight-laced office lady at a publishing company who befriends a new male employee in many more ways than one.

Be My Slave
Photo collection ‘Be My Slave’

In October, a photo collection titled “Be My Slave” by Kadokawa Publishing hit store shelves, and Dan is scheduled to appear on numerous variety shows during the upcoming New Year’s holiday.

She has garnered a reputation for possessing a sharp tongue — and surprisingly, given her profession, not in the literal sense — as evening tabloid Tokyo Sports (Dec. 18) discovered.

On December 17, the idol was on hand at the Hotel Ibis in Roppongi to promote the DVD release of “Safe House” (or “Dangerous Run” in Japan), which stars Denzel Washington. “It is not ‘Dangerous Run,'” the tabloid quoted the model, who was wearing black boots, a mini skirt pulled down to reveal her underwear, and a long and narrow tube-top bra. “‘Dangerous Dan’ has arrived.”

The actress continued the press event by referring to her (largely uncovered) breasts as her father. (To say “chichi” can mean either). And when asked if she likes guys who are are considered a “pistol type” she quickly blurted out that she prefers cannons.

Described by Shukan Post as the “sensuality queen” — and frankly, a fair case can be made with the trailer for “Be My Slave” (at top) — Dan was suggested by Shukan Jitsuwa (Nov. 8) as being the second coming of Aya Sugimoto, the veteran erotic star who has a role in “Be My Slave.”

She appears to be on her way. When asked how “Dangerous Run” could be improved, with her presumably in a starring role, she said, “While flirting with Ryan (Reynolds), Denzel gets a spanking.”

Source: “Gurabia kakumei! Ugoku Dan Mitsu,” Shukan Post (Jan. 1-11)