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Fukui’s his name, prostitution his game

Yasuyuki Fukui
Yasuyuki Fukui (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Earlier this month, Tokyo police arrested two men for allegedly employing an underage girl at a sex business. One of them, Yasuyuki Fukui, the 39-year-old manager of “delivery health” service Riro, has extensive experience in the crime, reports evening tabloid Yukan Fuji (May 10).

On around April 14, Fukui and employee Yoshitaka Masuda allegedly dispatched the girl, 16, to provide sex to a male customer, 77, at a hotel in Toshima Ward.

Fukui, who was accused of violating the Child Welfare Act and the Anti-Prostitution Law, admitted to the allegations. However, Masuda denied the charges. “I served as the girl’s driver to the hotel, but prostitution was not my intention,” the suspect was quoted by police.

According to police, the business, based in the Ikebukuro area of the ward, accumulated 50 million yen in sales since opening in May of last year. The girl became acquainted with Fukui through a social-networking service. “Are you interested in becoming a cosplay model?” read a solicitation on the site.

The service offered two pricing plans. For high school girls, the fee was 25,000 yen for the first 60 minutes. Should a customer prefer a middle school girl, one hour required a lofty 35,000 yen.


The name of the business, Riro, meaning logic in Japanese, was actually quite logical. When the Japanese characters forming it are reversed, it reads Rori, which can be pronounced “loli,” a shortened version of the term lolicon, or Lolita complex, meaning a man with a strong affinity for very young girls.

The arrest is the third for Fukui. In 2010, when he presided over the three establishments in Shibuya Ward, including Peach and Pineapple, police accused him of violating the Anti-Prostitution Law by having female employees pose as minors for full sex (honban) with customers. In promotions, the female employees were shown to possess short builds and child-like faces.

Four years later, he was accused of the same crime, that time pretending that his female employees were middle and elementary school students.