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Desperate deri heru dames say sayonara to safe sex

Weekly Playboy August 10
Weekly Playboy August 10

The term sutemi, written with characters meaning “discard the body,” is used to describe an act of desperation or being driven to one’s last resort.

In the view of Weekly Playboy (Aug. 10), this aptly describes what’s currently going on in the sex trade.

“Around this time last year I used to get four or five calls a day,” complains Natsumi, age 30, who works for an out-call sex service, referred to as deri heru within the trade’s parlance, in Uguisudani, in Tokyo’s Taito Ward. “There were some days last month in which I put in nine-hour days without getting one single customer.”

It seems that girls in other businesses, like cabaret club hostesses (kyabakura) and soapland masseuses — as well as laid-off office ladies — have been flocking to work at deri heru clubs in increasing numbers, creating a glut of supply at a time of shrinking demand.

To attract the dwindling customer base, sex shops have been obliged to offer increasingly extreme services to keep the tills turning. These are referred to as “NN,” being abbreviations for nama (“raw,” i.e., without a condom) and nakadashi (to “shoot off inside,” i.e., to ejaculate into the woman’s vagina).

“Yes, it’s scary,” says the aforementioned Natsumi,” when asked if she wasn’t worried about risks of disease or pregnancy. “I’m on the pill, and always douche immediately afterward, but when I go for my monthly checkup I’m still worried. You can be cured of ordinary STDs, but there’s syphilis and hepatitis B, and of course AIDS is scariest of all.

“I’d advise customers who want to do it without protection to think twice. It’s just too risky.”

At one establishment in Uguisudani, a variation on NN is “NS,” which stands for “no skin” and soku-soku (oral sex and/or intercourse on the spot, typically without even showering beforehand).

Despite recent police crackdowns on Uguisu deri heru engaging in illegal intercourse, these desperate practices, if anything, have got nowhere to go but up, according to a veteran reporter from the pink trade identified only as “A.”

Another revelation is that some soaplands are hurting so badly, they’ve taken to renting out their premises to a second operator, who just leases them from early dawn to around 8:00 a.m. A customer learned about this the hard way when he dropped into a favorite shop one morning for a 6 o’clock cavort and wound up paying 40,000 yen for short-time session with a well worn woman who appeared to be in her 50s. (K.S.)

Source: “Fuzoku gyokai ‘sutemi no saabisu’ wa doko made iku ka?” Weekly Playboy (Aug. 10, page 170)

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