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Tokyo sex showcase gives gals good vibrations

Pink Tokyo is showcase of adult products and media
Pink Tokyo is showcase of adult products and media

TOKYO (TR) – Introducing Ittetsu Suzuki, the top star in the genre of adult video (AV) productions targeting female sensibilities.

On Saturday, dozens of women inside a convention room attempted to get up close to Ittetsu and colleague Taiga Kurahashi as the pair stood inside translucent booths and posed for their fawning fans.

AV for women is more realistic in that it displays a woman’s desire for sex,” said a woman who wished to only be referred by Yukiko as she stood afterward with a group of friends and shared photo snaps. “For example, touching. AV for women is intentionally softer (than AV for men). The actors portray what women want.”

Running through Sunday, the inaugural trade show Pink Tokyo is a three-day event providing appearances by porn stars and 24 displays of the latest high-tech products in the adult industry, which is now taking an interest in the needs of women.

“We are approaching women to be more active and open about sex,” says Ai Suemura, a representative from Love Piece Club, an importer of sex goods for women that started operations in 1997.

Frutopia is a muli-flavored lubricant suitable for sex toys, condoms and hand stimulation. (It is also digestible, with watermelon being the most favored in the United States, while Japan prefers strawberry, according to Love Piece Club.)

AV actors Ittetsu Suzuki (L) and Taiga Kurahashi (R) appear before their female fans
AV actors Ittetsu Suzuki (L) and Taiga Kurahashi (R) appear before their female fans

With the reciprocal holiday to Valentine’s Day (known as White Day in Japan) a mere two weeks away, the refined and sophisticated line of vibrators made by Lelo are being recommended as the perfect gift.

“It is simple and stylish,” said Yasue Inomata, a representative of adult toy distributor Arms, as she held the gently curved Soraya model. The company is working in conjunction with a bar in Shibuya that displays vibrators in recommending the Lelo devices for March 14.

Make no mistake, men’s needs are also being represented. Japanese manufacturer Rends offers artificial breasts that are to be squeezed and synthetic vaginas that can receive information from a personal computer or smartphone. Similarly, M’s provides pleasuring pods that take on the physical characteristics of AV stars, such as Chisato Shoda.

However, Pink Tokyo is not all business. AV star Uta Kohaku was seen slapping the rear ends of fans with a plastic baseball bat.

Representative Hironori Komazaki said that in future years he hopes the event will be able to grow beyond attendance by “core people” from within the industry and reach the mainstream.

“In Japan, people still find talking about sex to be too sensitive,” said Suemura of Love Piece Club. “But it is obviously a very important thing to talk about.”