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Stabbing victim Mayu Tomita regains consciousness

Mayu Tomita
Mayu Tomita

TOKYO (TR) – Idol star Mayu Tomita, who was hospitalized in critical condition after a male stalker fan stabbed her over 20 times, has regained consciousness, the Sankei Shimbun reported on Tuesday (June 7).

Multiple sources said that Tomita, 20, regained consciousness in an intensive care unit at a hospital sometime around Friday, some two weeks after she was left unconscious in critical condition after suspect Tomohiro Iwazaki stabbed her over 20 times in areas like her chest, arms, neck and back.

A source involved in the investigation said she sustained a particularly deep wound in her neck region, but her vital organs remained intact.

Authorities plan to ask Tomita about the attack once her condition stabilizes and doctors approve.

According to the Sankei, Iwazaki ranted about Tomita for some four months on his Twitter before attacking Tomita, making statements like “I liked Tomita. I wanted to marry her.”

Iwazaki reportedly told police Tomita “embarrassed” him by sending back his gifts, which included a wristwatch.

The Tachikawa branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office said Iwazaki’s criminal liability over the attack will be investigated pending psychiatric evaluation that started on Monday, according to Nikkan Sports.

Bungled response?

Local media have reported numerous problems over the way police handled Tomita’s case.

An emergency dispatcher fumbled Tomita’s emergency call she made seconds before the attack, initially sending officers to her home instead of the crime scene because of failure to follow protocol and confirm the location of her call.

Tomita had also consulted Musashino Station Police numerous times over concerns of a “relentless stalker,” but the officers failed to refer the case to a department that specializes in stalker cases.

Police are conducting a review of their response to the case, and plan to announce the results at a near date.