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Commando undies for Valentine’s Day

Underwear from Love Pan
Underwear from Love Pan
TOKYO (TR) – Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Certainly lingerie company Embelline has come up with a unique option for those wishing to mix love and war. Love Pan (ラブパン) is an undergarment for men and women available in three versions (pink and green camouflage and yellow).

The yellow undies are simply decorated with colored marbles but the fatigue variations are composed of silhouettes of couples engaged in a variety of sexual positions with the English exclamations “Yes!!” and “Oh!!” splashed across the front and back.

Yet with a hefty price tag of 5,500 yen (for a pair), other utterances might more quickly come to mind. Embelline’s Web page says that it expects to sell 1,000 pairs of these “sexy” and “cute” garments. For lonely hearts, singles can as well be purchased for 2,800 yen.