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Junk mail: TV Asahi reporter sends pic of privates to foreign journalists

The TV Asahi network is based in Tokyo
The TV Asahi network is based in Tokyo
v-star-sayaka-miyabi-shines-in-thailand/”>Thailand were “treated” to the image, which showed the lower half of a male’s body.

The network, which is based in Tokyo, has apologized to the Thai foreign ministry for the mistake.

The journalist, named as Jin Morimoto by The Bangkok Post, in an article since taken down, sent the picture of the genitalia to 150 foreign journalists on a thread discussing the release of a U.S. human trafficking report on Monday. The report deals with a number of issues, including women enslaved for sexual purposes.

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun (Aug. 1), TV Asahi explained that Morimoto had planned to send the picture to a female acquaintance in Bangkok. Instead, however, the picture ended up in the most unfortunate of places.

“This inappropriate act by a member of our staff is extremely regrettable and unacceptable,” a representative of TV Asahi commented. “Punishment will be meted out.”