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Chiba cops: Man accused of illicit filming excuses self to bathroom, escapes

An alleged upskirt filmer escaped by claiming he needed to relieve himself (TV Asahi)
An alleged “upskirt” photographer escaped by claiming he needed to relieve himself (TV Asahi)

CHIBA (TR) – A man held by a railway worker for allegedly taking illicit images up a woman’s skirt escaped by claiming he needed to relieve himself, police said on Wednesday.

Chiba Prefectural Police are hunting for the male suspect who escaped after he was caught taking tosatsu, or voyeur, footage up the woman’s skirt using a smartphone while on the Tsukuba Express bound for Nagareyama City in June 2016, TV Asahi reports (Feb. 8).

A woman noticed the suspect’s behaving suspiciously and teamed up with another male passenger to restrain him, and handed him over to railway staff at Nagareyama Central Park Station before he was taken to the station office, Chiba Nippo reported (Feb. 8).

He claimed he needed to “use the bathroom” and stepped outside while staff were calling police. He then boarded a train and fled the scene, police said.

Police are reviewing surveillance camera footage to track down the suspect, thought to be in his 50s.