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Toyama: Ex-GSDF member nabbed after stabbing, shooting leaves 2 dead

in Toyama City
A former GSDF member fatally stabbed and shot two persons in Toyama City on Tuesday (Twitter)

TOYAMA (TR) – A 21-year-old man former member of the Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after he attacked a police officer and used his gun to shoot a security guard at a nearby elementary school, killing both persons, reports TBS News (June 27).

At around 2:00 p.m., Keita Shimazu, 21, entered the Okuda Police Box and stabbed officer Kenichi Inaizumi, 46, with a knife. After snatching away the officer’s gun, he used it to shoot Shinichi Nakamura, a 68-year-old security guard for a construction site, at the gate of nearby Okuda Elementary School.

Shimazu and Inaizumi were later confirmed dead at a hospital, according to police.

Another officer arriving at the scene shot Shimazu, who is in critical condition at a hospital, on the grounds of the school, police said. He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Stabbed dozens of times

The incident took place at in a residential area about 900 meters from JR Toyama Station. In carrying out the initial attack, Shimazu entered the police box from the rear and stabbed Inaizumi dozens of times with the knife. He then fired multiple rounds at Nakamura, striking him in the head and left shoulder, police said.

Police found Shimazu to be carrying an ax and two knives, one of which was dropped near the police box. The other two weapons were in his possession when he was shot.

In 2015, Shimazu entered the GSDF, stationed at Camp Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture. He left the GSDF last year, according to a government source via Kyodo News (June 26).