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Tokyo government to cite publisher Kobunsha for ‘unwholesome’ magazine

The October issue of Flash X Flash
The October issue of Flash X Flash
TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced in a notice released on Tuesday that its youth affairs office has deemed a tabloid magazine issued by publisher Kobunsha to be objectionable due to its explicit content, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Nov 11).

On Monday, the Office of Youth Affairs and Public Safety concluded that a DVD inside the October issue of Flash X Flash, a special release affiliated with weekly tabloid Flash, contains material considered overly sexual in nature, labeling it “unwholesome” under regulations intended for the proper raising of youths.

Starting on November 14, the government will require that the magazine be placed on shop shelves restricted to those 18 years of age and older.

Kobunsha printed 127,000 copies of the magazine, which was released on September 22.

According to Tokyo Sports (Nov. 11), the first part of the DVD, titled “10 Sexy Idols: 80 Minutes of Climax Videos,” features appearances by ex-adult video actresses Ai Iijima, Hitomi Kobayashi, Yuki Miho and Rui Sakuragi.

“We would like to refrain from commenting due to the fact that we have not yet been officially contacted by the Tokyo government),” a representative of Kobunsha is quoted.