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Tokyo cops: Unimat employee embezzled funds for mistresses

Hiroaki Hara
Hiroaki Hara

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a former employee of an affiliated company of conglomerate Unimat Group on charges of corporate embezzlement, reports Fuji News Network (Oct. 26).

On five occasions between March of last year and this past April, Hiroaki Hara, 51, allegedly misappropriated a total of 7.4 million yen from several accounts within Unimat Holdings, an affiliated company.

During questioning, Hara told police that he used the money on mistresses, entertainment expenses and foreign currency transactions.

The suspect is believed to have also exploited other accounts belonging to companies within the group in which the damage exceeds more than 20 million yen.

The Unimat Group is widely recognized for its Unimat brand of coffee. It also operates resorts and restaurant chains.