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Tokyo cops: Student caught in honey trap has genitals doused with kerosene

Takeshi Fukushima
Takeshi Fukushima

TOKYO (TR) – To be filed under: The best-laid plans of mice and men — in which the result is arrest for assault.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested four persons in the beating of a university student in Machida City last month that including dousing his genitals with a flammable liquid, reports Nippon News Network (Oct. 6).

Over a two-day period, Takeshi Fukushima, 48, and three other male and female suspects are alleged to have repeatedly beat a male university student, 22, inside an apartment and confine him inside a vehicle for about six hours.

The suspects, who have been charged with confinement and robbery resulting in injury, partially admit to the allegations. “We held him down but we did not rob him,” Fukushima is quoted by the Machida Police Station, according to TBS News (Oct. 6).

The incident began with the student drinking alone at a restaurant on the evening of September 12. At the establishment, a woman, 35-year-old Kumiko Tomita, who is among those in custody, invited him out. “Why don’t we go to my place?” she asked.

Upon arrival at Fukushima’s residence, the suspects, including his girlfriend, Mayumi Togashi, 42, put a bag over his head, tied his body with a rope and initiated the beating, according to Fuji News Network (Oct. 6).

The suspects then forced the victim into a car and drove him to Yamato City. At a park, the suspects thrust a knife in front of him while soaking the lower-half of his body with kerosene, which they threatened to set alight.

During the incident, the suspects allegedly demanded and took an “annoyance fee” of 200,000 yen from him.

Prior to the incident, Togashi had consulted with Fukushima about the infidelity of boyfriend, who suffered a broken bone beneath his left eye during the beating. “We wanted to send a message about his philandering ways,” Fukushima is quoted, according to Sankei Sports (Oct. 6).