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Tokyo cops re-arrest Nigerian club manager in series of robberies of customers

Benett Abugo
Benett Abugo
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Monday announced the re-arrest of a Nigerian manager of a hostess club in Shinjuku Ward allegedly involved in a series of incidents in which male customers have been drugged and robbed, reports TBS News (March 16).

On Saturday, officers took Benett Abugo, the 49-year-old manager of a club located in the red-light district of Kabukicho, and five other male and female employees into custody on theft charges.

In January, the suspect is alleged to have spiked a tequila drink of high alcohol content with a sleeping powder and served it to a 55-year-old male customer. The drugged victim was then taken to a nearby convenience store ATM where 200,000 yen was withdrawn.

Abugo has reportedly denied the allegations. “I did not participate,” said the suspect, according to TV Asahi (March 16).

Investigators believe Abugo has participated in the theft of more than 200 million yen in various crimes over a five-year period.

Abugo was among three suspects prosecuted in a similar case in February.