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Tokyo cops nab ‘visual-kei’ guitarist for sex with underage groupie

Kenta Murata of Londboy
Tokyo police arrested Kenta Murata, known as Rio, of Londboy for sex with an underage girl

TOKYO (TR) – A member of a rock band known has been arrested for allegedly performing sexual acts with an underage female fan, reports TBS News (Apr. 11).

On two occasions in September and October of last year, Kenta Murata, a 24-year-old guitarist for Londboy, allegedly engaged in sexual acts with the girl, a second-year high school student, at locations that include a hotel in Bunkyo Ward while knowing she was under 18 years of age.

Murata told Tokyo Metropolitan Police that he had a “physical relationship” with the girl. “But I didn’t know she was underage,” he said.

The matter came to light after Murata consulted with police about a different case, police said.

The band, which includes five members, said Murata will voluntarily refrain from playing for the time being. “The band will press on with the remaining four members,” read a post from Thursday on their official blog.

Londboy falls under the “visual-kei” genre, which is typified by members sporting gaudy hairstyles and ostentatious costumes on stage. The band plays at a venue Ikebukuro Edge in Toshima Ward on Saturday.

“Staining the Londboy name”

Also on Thursday, Murata issued an apology. “There was an incident where break-up talks with a girl I was dating broke down. This led to photographs taken when we were dating being leaked online,” he wrote.

“After I went to police, there was an investigation, and that grew into this latest case,” he added. “Regarding the age [of the high school girl] that has become an issue, I ended up believing her because I was with her when she was presenting her occupation and identification.”

“I definitely don’t think it’s OK to do whatever you want as long as you don’t know their age — and this case isn’t about loss of trust.”

The guitarist added that he was released from custody on Wednesday. “[The police] said it was carelessness on my part in violating the law, but I will take the case seriously and live with it for the rest of my life.”

“But with that said, this post on my official blog isn’t for making excuses and such. I wanted to apologize to you all for staining the Londboy name, as well as those of relevant parties. I am truly sorry for the trouble caused by my mess.”

“I even ended up troubling the remaining members, and really, I ought to have quit or been expelled right when I was arrested. So, I’m grateful to the band members for not making me do that.”

“For everyone that was affected, and my dating partner, I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart,” Murata said in closing. He concluded the post by asking his fans for their continued support.