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Tokyo cops bust celebrity chiropractor over insurance payout scam

Yasuaki Kitahara
Yasuaki Kitahara, known on television for having ‘Waseda’s Hands of God,’ has been accused in an insurance payout scam (TV Asahi)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a celebrity chiropractor suspected in a number scams involving insurance payouts, reports Nippon News Network (May 26).

Last year, Yasuaki Kitahara, the 44-year-old former director of Kitahara Orthopedic Clinic, located in the Waseda area of Shinjuku Ward, and Yoshihiko Moriya, a 45-year-old company executive, are alleged to have fraudulently obtained a total of 820,000 yen through an insurance payout.

According to police, the amount came as a result of Kitahara inflating the treatment period at a hospital for Moriya, who had been injured in a traffic accident, from three to 55 days.

Kitahara admits to the allegations.

Kitahara Orthopedic Clinic promotes itself as the nation’s top specialist in injuries resulting in traffic accidents. Kitahara regularly appears on television programs, where he is referred to has “Waseda’s Hands of God.”

Police suspect that Kitahara was involved in a number of other similar cases involving other patients. A camera crew for the network interviewed the suspect’s father, who says he warned his son about such carrying out such crimes.