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NHK announcer arrested for possession of ‘dangerous drugs’

Kenichi Tsukamoto
Kenichi Tsukamoto

TOKYO (TR) – A drug control division of the health ministry on Sunday arrested an announcer for public broadcaster NHK for possession of so-called “dangerous drugs,” reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (Jan. 11).

On Saturday, Kenichi Tsukamoto, 37, was found to possess a bottle of the illegal substances in liquid form at his residence in Bunkyo Ward.

Tsukamoto, who has been charged with violating the law governing medicinal chemicals, admits to the allegations. “I had the drugs for my own use,” the suspect is quoted by police.

Investigators also searched the offices of NHK in Shibuya Ward.

The varying chemicals comprising dangerous drugs, which usually provide a hallucinatory effect, are often able to exploit legal loopholes. Since April of 2014, the health ministry has been adding the names of prohibited compounds in order to restrict their use.

Tsukamoto jointed NHK in 2004. Since April of last year, he has appeared on the news program “News Shibu Goji.”

“With this very regrettable occurrence, we would like to apologize to our viewers and other concerned parties,” a representative of NHK is quoted by Nippon News Network (Jan. 12). “We are currently examining all of the facts and will deal with this matter in the most strict manner.”