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Korean national who smuggled himself into Japan suspected in 60 burglaries

Kim Yonchol
Kim Yonchol (Fuji News Network)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a Korean national residing in Japan illegally who is suspected in dozens of burglaries, reports Fuji News Network (Oct. 19).

In April, Kim Yonchol, 63, and three other persons allegedly entered a residence in Nerima Ward and stole three items, including a bracelet, valued at 47,000 yen.

“I entered residences but I am not sure about this one in particular,” the suspect told police.

According to police, Kim was handed a guilty verdict for theft at some point in the past. He was then repatriated to Korea. However, he smuggled himself back into Japan in December of last year on a freighter.

Police believe the suspects were behind at least 60 other break-ins.