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Kochi cops: Man assaulted, raped woman to steal underwear

Police seized approximately 600 women's under garments from the home of the suspect
Police seized approximately 600 women’s under garments from the home of the suspect

KOCHI (TR) – Kochi Prefectural Police on Tuesday announced the apprehension of a 25-year-old male for a string of crimes committed in Nankoku City, including rape, in which he stole women’s underwear, reports NHK (Jan. 5).

In two cases in October and November of last year, Shoya Imada allegedly broke into a women’s apartment and dormitory to steal underwear and clothes. A search of his apartment by police revealed approximately 600 women’s undergarments, including bras and panties.

During the investigation, the suspect’s participation in a separate case emerged. On November 4, he is alleged to have assaulted a woman, aged in her 20s, as he stole her underwear as she strolled on a street.

The suspect has also been accused of rape in the case. Injuries sustained by the victim, including to her head, required two weeks to heal.

Imada admits to the allegations. “I wanted underwear,” the suspect is quoted by police, according to Fuji News Network (Jan. 6).